Inpatient Services 

Haven Behavioral Hospital of West Chester offers specialized behavioral health services catering to high-acuity and complex-need patient populations within Pennsylvania.

Within our 72-bed inpatient facility, we extend assistance to adults aged 18 and above who are struggling with mental health crises. Our primary goal is to provide a secure environment for individuals experiencing active thoughts of self-harm, harm towards others, active psychosis, or severe impairment due to their mental health condition.

On average, our patients stay with us for a duration of 7-10 days.

During their time under our care, patients receive thorough assessments and treatment from a multidisciplinary team comprised of psychiatrists, social service professionals, nurses, pharmacists, and dietary experts. Collaboratively with the patient, we create a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that emphasizes stabilization, support, and a seamless transition to outpatient care. We actively encourage patients to engage in their treatment process, participate in group sessions, and partake in community activities.