Employment at Haven Behavioral Hospital of West Chester is more than a job–it’s a career choice that allows you to create your own opportunities and cultivate a passion for the services provided while working through challenges collaboratively. Haven Behavioral Hospital of West Chester’s positions are not one dimensional. Employees are exposed to several different areas of patient care and hospital operations, allowing them the ability to gain knowledge and experience necessary in determining their future career path.

Compensation and Benefits

Our hospital’s competitive pay philosophy places us above market pay, which helps balance the benefits package of a smaller company and makes us an attractive opportunity.

Work Environment

We provide a friendly environment where teamwork thrives, leader accessibility is readily available, and a culture that emphasizes constant learning and improvement. A smaller department size allows our employees the opportunity to have a greater impact and promotes an open and engaged staff culture.

Company Culture

The culture of our hospital is simple. We hold ourselves to the highest of ethical standards and focus 100% on optimizing patient outcomes.

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